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  1. UNE's Graduate Diploma in Psychology provides you with in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and gives you the foundation required to continue to fourth-year studies in psychology and beyond — completely online. The course also gives you the opportunity to: Study flexibly. You can commence online in any trimester,* with on campus options for study in Trimesters 1 and 2 at our vibrant Armidale campus. If you choose to study online, some units offer optional intensive schools on campus.
  2. Studying psychology online can help you understand how the human brain works, giving you the skills to further your career in fields like social work, human resources, education and more. What could your future look like? The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is your first step towards a rewarding career in helping people. The demand for professionals who can provide mental health support has never been greater - now is the perfect time to study psychology online and meet this challenge
  3. Take the first step to a new career in psychology with our Graduate Diploma of Psychology. If you have a bachelor's degree in any discipline, this course gets you started with the fundamentals of psychology. With this qualification you can then choose between ongoing study to qualify as a clinical psychologist, or employment in human services fields such as mental health, counselling, sports psychology or family therapy
  4. g a Chartered Psychologist. Read more. Institution Profile Video (s) Student Profile (s) Online Part Time

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  1. Our online Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology conversion course is designed for those who wish to specialise in psychology, giving you the opportunity to learn the distinctive range, depth and integration of skills, knowledge and applications of psychology. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the core, fundamental areas of psychology required by the BPS including biological, cognitive, developmental and social psychology and the links between them
  2. Do Online Psychology Graduate Certificate Programs Require Students to Be On-Campus. Most online graduate certificate programs in psychology do not require on-campus attendance, though a few programs offer optional on-campus practicums, symposiums, directed research projects, weekend intensives, or internships. These electives typically include 1-3 credits. If you hope to eventually enter a.
  3. 4 reasons to study a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Murdoch. Complete a research project in an area of psychology that is of interest to you. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of a particular topic, and develop high-level writing skills by preparing an individual thesis. Study on your own terms - we offer flexible study arrangements allowing you to study full-time or part-time. Take.
  4. Psychology Diplomas. With our psychology diploma, you'll explore how psychologists use evidence to contribute to debates on prejudice, obedience to authority, learning, perception and eyewitness testimony. You could complete your diploma in as little as two years and if you decide to continue your studies you can count the credit gained towards a future honours degree
  5. Join Dr Simon Cropper, Graduate Diploma in Psychology Course Coordinator, as he guides you through what psychology looks like today (we'll give you a hint - it's more than just clinical psychology) and the many options that are available to students who are fascinated by psychology. We hope this webinar will help you choose the pathway that is right for you. Simon loves taking questions.
  6. If you plan to use your study of psychology to become professionally qualified, the Graduate Diploma in Psychology fully meets accreditation requirements of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) as an undergraduate major sequence of study in psychology. The GDP provides a pathway to a fourth year of study in psychology and for meeting the requirements for provisional.

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The Graduate Diploma in Psychology course is 100% online and accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. The course consists of 10 units that you complete in sequence. Subjects include psychology foundations, developmental psychology, social psychology, and psychological health and well-being The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a fully online degree for those who have already completed a three-year undergraduate degree at AQF Level 7 that may or may not have included psychology. Courses focus on contemporary research, theories and applications to develop critical and analytic thinking and research skills, providing broad foundational and advanced knowledge in the scientific. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) provides the foundational knowledge of the history of psychology and develops your professional skills to apply contemporary psychology to solve community-based challenges. It has been designed to help graduates succeed in a complex world and to deliver better client services. - Graduate Diploma Part-time. 20 months. English . Online Read More. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is an online program that prepares students to pursue full qualification as a professional psychologist, or to apply psychological concepts to their Online Counsellor | Human Resources Manage

The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) consists of two components: coursework and a thesis. The coursework component (consisting of classes and seminars) contributes 50% to the final grade awarded. Part time students must complete the coursework component in the first year of their course Specifically, students will expand their knowledge of psychological assessment and intervention, ethics of psychological research and practice, careers, professional development and employability, and research methods and statistics, as part of an online For more content click the Read more button below. Students also undertake a supervised research project, which provides training in both discipline-specific and generic research skills. The project will increase students' understanding. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) is a fully online course, in which you will learn to recognise and interpret how the practice of psychology is influenced by varied social, historical, professional and cultural contexts. You will develop a nuanced understanding of ethical issues in psychological practice, and how to apply an evidence-based approach to psychological intervention. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is an accredited undergraduate fourth year program and is an alternative method to fourth year honours. This course is for eligible students seeking to pursue training pathways leading to provisional registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia; or progress to Higher Degree Research in psychology

The Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (GradDipAppPsych) is an intensive part-time programme that will provide you with a foundational knowledge of psychology to either advance your current career or lead towards postgraduate study. This programme will extend the knowledge and expertise you gained from your previous studies and professional experience, and build on this by teaching you the principles, concepts and skills required for postgraduate study in psychology. The GradDipAppPsych. A pragmatic and versatile qualification. The JCU Online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) is a contemporary and hands-on qualification designed for the future. It provides the foundational knowledge of the history of psychology and develops your professional skills to apply contemporary psychology to solve community-based challenges

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A graduate diploma in psychology will equip you with valuable transferable skills. This includes research, analysis, communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Internationally recognised and market-leading in New Zealand. Massey graduates more researchers and clinical psychologists than any other university in New Zealand. We're connected to a wide range of community and. Put your Graduate Diploma of Psychology to work straight away in diverse roles in social welfare or correctional facilities, or help shape social policy through research and analysis. Opportunities also exist in large and small companies or consulting firms in the areas of marketing, management and human resource management. You could also choose to pursue further study towards provisional. Graduates will possess a broad understanding of modern psychology following the completion of the Diploma. This qualification will prepare you to work in any industry that involves interaction with people. This may include human resources, student services, marketing, community work, and more. When you achieve this qualification you will know how to

The Diploma in Psychology is an engaging course, and is packed with features to help you understand and evaluate classic and contemporary psychology. These online psychology courses are ideal for those who want to gain comprehensive understanding of the main elements of psychology, and will be of great benefit to students in their career progression. Topics covered include classical. Graduate Diploma in Psychology Hempster Shire University is an international online accredited university offering Graduate Diploma program in Psychology , with 16 different majors. HSU is the only accredited Distance Learning University offering Graduate Diploma program in several diversified fields The Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology is an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited fourth-year qualification in psychology. The course is suited for people who have completed a bachelor's degree with a major in psychology from any course accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), and who want to pursue advanced postgraduate study in. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is for students who have previously completed an accredited three-year sequence in psychology. It offers advanced level study in a selection of specialised areas in psychology. The course provides graduates with an approved Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) fourth year of training in psychology. In addition to covering professional issues and.

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The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies is a higher level (AQF level 8) qualification intended as a bridge for students holding a qualification in another discipline. It is offered face-to-face* at ISN Psychology's Ivanhoe campus in Melbourne, Victoria. Online and blended components allow flexibility of delivery options. An understanding of Human Nature like never before. Students. Upon attaining the Graduate Diploma, you are eligible to apply for entry into an accredited Masters in Psychology Degree programme from Murdoch University, Australia*. The programme consists of 4 units + 1 project and may be completed in 12 months. A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology or equivalent The Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg Campus) is equivalent to an Honours degree. The primary purpose of this Diploma is to enable working professionals, particularly those working with children and youth, to develop their skills in psychological counselling, assessment, community development and research. The Postgraduate.

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  1. Studying your graduate diploma via distance learning offers a fun and flexible way of getting your qualification, no matter where in the world you are. Use our search engine to find and compare online graduate diplomas
  2. Graduate Diploma in Psychology The University is an international online accredited university offering Graduate Diploma program in Psychology , with 16 different majors
  3. You can study online for a Graduate Diploma in Psychology with the University of Adelaide. The courses uses modern education technology and is delivered 100% online
  4. d. Duration: 11 Weeks, 6.30pm-9.30pm. Start Date: 24th May 2021. Days: Monday. Certification: IBAT DIPLOMA . Reference Code: OIPI0PSY1. Normal Price: €840. Apply Now. Enquire Now. ×. Timetable. More Info: Book early to avoid missing out! Special Summer Offer: €756 €840 10% Off. Use discount code IBAT10SUM. with your applicationYou can.
  5. Graduate Diploma in Psychology Program code: UOA-GDP. Applying for an online program with the University of Adelaide is a quick and easy process. Check out the steps below to learn more or get started now by creating an account
  6. Graduates will possess a broad understanding of modern psychology following the completion of the Diploma. This qualification will prepare you to work in any industry that involves interaction with people. This may include human resources, student services, marketing, community work, and more
  7. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology provides a fast-tracked way of learning the fundamentals of psychology for those who have completed a bachelor degree in another discipline. Develop knowledge in psychology and apply this to research projects and psychology practice activities. Analyse human behaviour, neurological disorders and cognitive processes to deepen your understanding of human nature.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) provides an accredited fourth year of study in psychology. This is an essential requirement for the process of registration as a psychologist to begin. The course allows students to specialise in areas of psychology that are of interest to the student as well as study topic areas that provide theoretical and applied knowledge in the practice of. Graduate Diploma in Psychology students undertake most of the same subjects and attend most of the same classes as students completing the accredited undergraduate major in Psychology, with the exception of two compulsory advanced level subjects that replace the two compulsory Level 3 subjects in the undergraduate major. The two advanced level subjects recognise the graduate status of the. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) is conditionally accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), and graduates will be eligible to apply for further study in a Master of Professional Psychology and subsequently undertake a one-year internship via the Psychology Board of Australia to become a registered psychologist. Psychology is the science of human. Graduate Diploma in Psychology Personalised Learning. Delivered 100% online with six intake periods per year so you can personalise your study around... Study With Australia's Leading Psychology School. When you study with the UNSW School of Psychology, you'll learn with... Your Career. The graduate. Online Graduate Diploma Program in Psychology. favorite favorite_outline. Sign In. Register. My Account. Online Master PhD Law Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses List your programs keyboard_arrow_left. Courses. Courses Associate Degrees Foundation Year Summer courses MBA. MBA 1-year EMBA 1-year MBA EMBA Global MBA Part time MBA Bachelor's. Bachelor's BA BBA BSc Master. Master MA MSc PhD. PhD DBA.

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Outline. Acquire specialist knowledge and skills in sexology, and examine recent research on the biological, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality. Apply now. Units in first semester 2021 may be delivered online and in alternative formats whilst restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic are in place. Add to favourites The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is for students who have previously completed an accredited three-year sequence in psychology. It offers advanced level study in a selection of specialised areas in psychology. Entry Requirements. An applicant must also comply with the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science provides a pathway into the study of psychology for students who have an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than psychology. Candidates must possess a conferred three-year undergraduate or higher level degree and have completed an APAC accredited first year psychology sequence within the last ten years. The course provides a comprehensive. Post Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology. Course Overview. Child psychologists enjoy a career that is not only financially rewarding but uniquely satisfying and fulfilling at the same time. There's absolutely nothing more gratifying than knowing what you do on a daily basis is proactively and positively assisting with the strong and healthy development of countless children. To gain a.

As a graduate from our Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching Practice, you will be qualified to deliver Positive Psychology as a coaching intervention. You will become a Professional Member of the Positive Psychology Guild and will be able to apply to join the PPG Register of Professionals, which sets professional standards for the practice and regulation of Positive Psychology today The Graduate Diploma in Psychology program (5331) is delivered using the UNSW Online Academic Hexamester Calendar to allow for a more flexible program structure. The program's key dates and some policies may be different to those applicable to students enrolled in standard UNSW programs using the standard academic calendar The Graduate Diploma of Psychology is designed to provide graduates from another discipline an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in psychology. The program provides advanced knowledge and skills in Psychology, while providing the foundation training required by the professional accreditation body, the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). When fully accredited. Graduate Diploma in Psychology. To be eligible to study this program, applicants must meet the following entry requirements: Hold an undergraduate Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in any discipline. Yes, I qualify. No, suggest another course for me . Related searches aged care 6 week course - bachelor of health science sydney - enrolled nurse online course nsw - health administration courses.

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Online Sports Psychology Certificate Program Information. A certificate program in sports psychology integrates the concepts and techniques of motion science, psychology, career development. On successful completion of the Graduate Diploma of Psychology, graduates will be able to: Systematically integrate a coherent and advanced body of knowledge with depth in major theoretical perspectives and concepts, and philosophical and historical developments, in the core areas of psychology ; Review, analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge and evidence bases underpinning professional.

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Graduates of the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing agree that studying this quality course brings unexpected, profound, and life-changing experiences. The Diploma offers a breakthrough opportunity to gain a nationally-recognised qualification in positive psychology. It is designed for busy professionals who want to build expertise as well as for individuals seeking an inspiring new. You can with the online Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Bridging) from James Cook University. This hands-on course offers a unique curriculum which covers contemporary theoretical perspectives of psychology, their philosophical and historical developments and their interconnectedness; builds your skills in using technology and statistical.

There is a lot of information about graduate diploma in psychology, graduate diploma in psychology advanced online, accredited 4th year psychology courses, graduate diploma in psychology career prospects, and federation university psychology on CollegeLearners. Length2 years (240 credit points = 2.0 EFTSL)Entry requirementsEntry requirements apply to this course. Applications close 30. Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) Campus Online. Degree Type Graduate Diploma. Duration 1 year full-time. or part-time equiv. SATAC Code N/A. CRICOS none. FURTHER INFORMATION FOR THIS PROGRAM WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM EARLY JULY 2021. For further enquiries visit: Online enquiries Interested in studying Graduate diploma / certificate in Psychology abroad? Browse and compare Graduate diploma / certificate from international universities, and connect with their admission staff to learn more Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Quick Facts. Program Name: Graduate Diploma in Psychology GD Psych (abbreviated) Program Code: 5331: Delivery Mode: Online: Duration: 1.7 years part-time: Commencing: 6 sessions/year: Session Length: 6 weeks: Number of Courses 10 (Total 60 UOC) Accreditation: APAC-accredited program for the first 3-year psychology sequence: After Completion: Psychology Honours.

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Graduate Diploma in Psychology. To be eligible to study this program, applicants must meet the following entry requirements: Hold an undergraduate Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in any discipline. Yes, I qualify. No, Suggest other courses . Related Searches. graduate diploma in psychology perth; graduate certificate in counselling online; how to become a public policy advisor in australia. The online courses in applied positive psychology teach you the theoretical and empirical foundations of human flourishing, how well-being is measured, and what activities increase human flourishing in various contexts and settings. The Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology is a 4-course, 4 c.u.* credit program of study taught by University of Pennsylvania faculty. To earn a certificate. Graduate Diploma of Psychology GradDipPsych . Availability Graduate Diploma of Psychology (1615PS) Online - Bathurst. Availability is subject to change, please verify prior to enrolment. Normal Course Duration. Course duration referenced below is the effective time taken to complete a course when studied full time (full time equivalent duration). At Charles Sturt the standard calendar refers.

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Social and Psychological Science overview. This program is designed to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills for further study in the areas of psychology, counselling, human services and social work. You will develop an understanding of key theories of social and psychological science and structures of human services within. Graduate Diploma in Psychology Monash University. Graduation date 2016. Study mode Online. Student review. The Monash GDPA is an APAC accredited course which is very professionally delivered. It involves 10 units each comprising 6 weeks of 25 hour a week course material, activities, live class and assessment.Assessments include essay, giving. This online program is highly interactive, offering regular contact with your course coordinator and fellow students. It takes advantage of its online format to provide a variety of stimulating high-quality resources designed to aid your attention and learning. The Graduate Diploma in Mental Health and Neuroscience is ideal for existing health. The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science is designed to provide students with an integrated, comprehensive, and complete education in the discipline of Psychology. Students undertake advanced training in a range of methodological (research methods, psychometrics, statistics) and applied areas, and develop competence in conducting research. All applied material is based on the scientist.

Diploma in Psychological Counseling: A Graduate of Bangalore University or any other recognized University in India having studied in a regular course, in any one of the following Optional Subjects. Viz., Psychology! Sociology! Social Work! Home Science! Human Resource Development (Management) or B.Ed., or a Graduate in any discipline of Rehabilitation Science-A Doctor (from any Medical. What are the best free online diploma courses in Psychology? Gain a much better understanding of human behaviour and mental processes with Alison's free online psychology courses. If you have a little more time free for study, we recommend you dedicate 15 hours of your time to our comprehensive Diploma in Psychology and Diploma in Applied Psychology - Consumer Behavior 1 66 Free Online Diploma Courses. 1.1 DIPLOMA IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT. 1.2 DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 1.3 DIPLOMA IN WEB DESIGN. 1.4 Diploma in Human Resources. 1.5 DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOLOGY. 1.6 DIPLOMA IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. 1.7 DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. 1.8 DIPLOMA IN C PROGRAMMING Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Course code J54. This course is designed for professionals who wish to acquire counselling skills for use in their work as health professionals, social workers, personnel officers, pastors, human service workers, psychologists or counsellors. The course provides training in counselling skills.

Have successfully completed a minimum three (3) year Bachelor qualification, or equivalent, in health, psychology or social science-related discipline, and; Be proficient in English. If you are a registered nurse, you could also be eligible for the Graduate Diploma of Mental Health Nursing. Find out more about Rules Relating to Awards and Specific Award Rules. We may recognise and grant credit. Graduate Diploma of Psychology . Full-time 1.0 years (2.0 sessions) Part-time 2.0 years (4.0 sessions) Normal course duration is the effective period of time taken to complete a course when studied Full-time (Full-time Equivalent Duration). Students are advised to consult the Enrolment Pattern for the actual length of study. Not all courses are offered in Full-time mode. Admission Criteria CSU. MSc Psychology - a full Masters degree, taking one year to complete. You'll typically need a good degree (2:2 or above) in any subject to be eligible. As well as exams and coursework, you'll be assessed on a personal project or dissertation. Most psychology conversion courses are in the MSc format. Postgraduate diploma (PGDip) or graduate.

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ICS Canada's online Adult Psychology Career Diploma program will provide you with a basic overview of the principles of psychology and a more specific understanding of the psychological makeup of adults. With ICS Canada, you train at home and at a pace that's right for you, and earn your Psychology diploma in as little as six months!¹ . Curriculum Details Program Goal and Outcomes. Program. The Graduate Diploma in Accounting is a professional program accredited by the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Ontario. Education and Digital Technologies - Online program The Graduate Diploma in Education and Digital Technologies is an online program that provides educators with an alternative form of professional development when they do not wish to do a full master's degree

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Graduate Certificates. Undergraduate Degree and Certificates. Types of Courses. Develop new skills and build expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base. You can earn a professional or liberal arts graduate certificate online or on campus Study with Australia's No. 1 university for work-ready graduates in Psychology 1. Learn from world-class leaders in research - UniSA's psychology research has been assessed as well above world class 2. Gain industry experience through a work placement. Enjoy the opportunity to study part of your degree overseas. Benefit from our on-campus facilities, including multiple research groups with. Our Graduate Diploma in Counselling focuses on providing you with industry-valued skills and an in-depth understanding of real-world counselling processes. This course offers the opportunity to: Study flexibly — we know that you need to balance study with your existing commitments. Our course is flexibly delivered to help you balance your. Counseling Psychology focuses on providing therapeutic treatments to clients who experience a wide variety of symptoms of emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational nature. The demand for graduates of this course is currently on the rise in Kenya and other countries. We intend to meet the need by offering this cours APPLY NOW : http://tinyurl.com/pgdiplomaonlin

Diploma in Counselling Psychology. This is a 5-month Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCPSY) part-time programme covering a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and functional skills in counselling. It trains students to apply appropriate counselling skills in different situations while understanding their underlying theories The Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science is a one-year bridging program. Meeting core requirements of foundational training in psychology this course is a direct pathway to a fourth year Psychology program. Unlike a typical 3-year undergraduate sequence, the Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science offers a 'fast track' one-year full time sequence for those who hold a recognised. any bachelor's degree, and a Graduate Diploma in Arts or a Graduate Diploma in Science in Psychology; or ; a bachelor's degree with a major in Education or Teaching and a minor in Psychology, provided that you are also enrolled in an approved Master of Education. You must also either be currently enrolled in, or have completed, a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Science (MSc) in Child and.

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The Graduate Diploma of Psychology provides fourth year training in Psychology for students who have completed an accredited 3 year undergraduate psychology program. Upon completion of this program students will be eligible for provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. Graduates of this course who wish to become fully. The Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology internship is an integral part of the programme and is a full year of practice (four days a week working in a practice setting - the equivalent of 1,500 hours as required by the Psychologists' Board) and one day a week on campus at the AUT North Campus. Quick facts. Programme code: AK1232. Level: 8. Points: 120. Duration: 1 year full-time.

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A graduate diploma (e.g., Graduate Diploma in Education etc.) is different from a postgraduate diploma, which is a course of study at postgraduate level (e.g., Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology etc.). In universities and learning institutes, it is commonly studied by students who have already graduated in a different field and allows them to pursue a new profession. It mainly. The Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology serves as a bridging degree to allow individuals who are qualified as Clinical Psychologists, with the Psychology Board of Australia and have completed at least a master's degree or equivalent in Clinical Psychology, to up skill in Clinical Neuropsychology, allowing them eligibility for endorsement as a Clinical Neuropsychologist with AHPRA Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling School of Vocational Studies a) Programme's mission & objectives: According to a survey about 20-30 million Indians are in need of some form of mental health care. The objective of the course is to provide an in depth knowledge about Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapies etc. so that after successful completion of the course, a candidate will.

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A graduate diploma is a more in-depth version of a graduate certificate, is studied at undergraduate level, and can be completed in the equivalent of one year (two trimesters) of full-time study, or in some cases, extended part time study. Candidates must gain 120 points at 100 level or above, including at least 75 points at 300 level or above, in the Graduate Diploma subjects. Apply to enrol. Start online then travel to Perth; Life in Perth Open submenu. Close submenu Life in Perth. Facts about Perth, WA ; Things to do in and around Perth; Climate & culture; Accommodation Open submenu. Close submenu Accommodation. Students under 18 years of age; Living costs; Studying at Murdoch Open submenu. Close submenu Studying at Murdoch. Life on campus; International student groups; Support. Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology or PGDRP is a hands-on training course approved by RCI with the aim to train candidates in basic knowledge and skills necessary for rehabilitation counselling practice. The course includes core counselling topics including theories of counselling and rehabilitation-specific coursework (e.g. assessment of persons with physical/sensory.

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